tn_Tiramisu Recipe

OK – so I know I am going to get slated for posting a tiramisu recipe. First of all it is probably a little passé and not quite “cool” enough for today’s foodies (it’s ok – it’s still cool to say cool in Cornwall even if the rest of the world stopped in the mid-80s…) and secondly, I am not Italian and this recipe is sure to offend as it is not authentic enough.

So why on earth would I post a recipe that’s both dated and inauthentic? Because it tastes great of course. I mean, it’s coffee and dessert in one right? What’s not to love?

Before I made this I read about 300 “authentic” Italian recipes (did I mention that I exaggerate?) and every one of them differed in some way. It’s a bit like making an “authentic” English trifle – everyone does it differently.

In fairness, most of the Italian recipes included raw egg yolks and I didn’t. Eggs are pretty safe now and raw eggs are not a problem unless you are very young or very old or ill or pregnant…. I am none of those things but I left them out because, in my humble opinion, it tastes just as good without them.

I layered my tiramisu up in a loaf tin and tipped it out to serve. This is a great way to make it if you are feeding a hungry family but it is not particularly elegant so, if you actually want to impress your guests, then you may prefer to make individually layered desserts in beautiful glass dishes.

Go on – give it a go – just call it retro if anyone dares to laugh.


250g / 9 oz tub Mascarpone

300 ml / ½ Pint Whipping Cream

75 ml / 3 fl oz Marsala (semi-secco or sweet work best)

4 tbsp Golden Caster Sugar

300 ml / ½ Pint Espresso (or Strong Coffee made with 300ml hot water and 2 tbsp instant coffee granules)

200g pack Savoiardi Biscuits / Sponge Fingers

A small Bar Plain Chocolate

2 tsp Cocoa Powder


Make the coffee and leave to cool slightly.

Whip the cream until just forming soft peaks. Add the mascarpone, marsala and sugar and whip again until well blended and peaks just hold their shape. Taste and add more sugar and/or marsala according to taste (we like a splash more alcohol in ours).

Line the loaf tin with cling film to make it easier to remove the finished dessert.

Start with a layer of the cream mixture then grate over a little chocolate. Dip the savoiardi biscuits quickly in the coffee and turn them over so that they are well flavoured on all sides but not too soggy. As you dip each biscuit place it quickly on top of the cream mixture to create an even layer. Continue to layer cream, grated chocolate and biscuits until you have used all the biscuits. Finish with a layer of biscuits.

Place the dessert in the fridge to chill for at least 2 hours – up to 24 hours is fine.

Just before serving turn out the dessert from the loaf tin, remove the cling film, sift over the cocoa and top with a little more grated chocolate. Serve in slices.

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