Chocolate Orange Mousse

This scrummy mousse is quick and simple to make and gives a great sweet hit.  This version is made with milk chocolate and orange juice (bvecause I made it with children) but if you want a more refined version try using plain chocolate and cointreau. I have nothing more to say on the subject….


150g milk chocolate (One with 34% cocoa solids would be good)

3 eggs, separated

Juice and zest of 2 Oranges

Whipped Cream and Chocolate Orange Segments to serve


Break the chocolate up into a heatproof bowl and melt over a pan of hot (not boiling) water.  Set aside to cool slightly.

Put the orange juice into a small pan and boil until reduced by half.  Set aside to cool.

Beat together the egg yolks and 2 or 3 teaspoons of the cooled,reduced orange juice and grate in the orange zest.  Gently mix the egg yolks into the melted chocolate.  Whisk the egg whites to firm peaks and carefully fold them through the chocolate mixture keeping in as much air as possible – this is what gives the mousse its lightness. Spoon into 4 glasses and chill.

When set, spoon some cream on top of the mousse and top with a segment of chocolate orange.

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