What to do with all those Courgettes we grew

I have to say that this hasn’t been the best year at the allotment.  A miserable spring followed by torrential rains in June lead to lots of late planting and unpredictable growth.  We might just have done better to plant rice.

The only things that are growing apace are the weeds and they have been helped immeasurably by the fact that we have both worked away a lot this year so every visit requires herculean efforts to re-clear the ground. We have had peas and broad beans in August and are just now harvesting the main crop of courgettes – so far there is no sign at all of our root veg but we live in hope.

However late the courgettes might be there are plenty of them now they are here.   In fact, if we had not harvested them all this week I would have been looking for marrow recipes they were getting so big!  You really only have to turn your back for five minutes for courgettes to get carried away and grow apace.  My only disappointment is that the flowers were beyond use as I really wanted to experiment with stuffing and cooking them.

Lots of people dislike courgettes, they have a mild flavour which can easily be lost and overcooking makes them watery and tasteless.  The traditional English method of boiling everything to death really doesn’t work with courgettes.

But courgettes are actually very versatile vegetables.  They work well in a classic ratatouille but they can also be roasted, stir fried or even baked with.  Because we had so many courgettes all ready for eating at once I decided to have a marathon cooking session and developed a week’s worth of recipes all of which have courgettes as the main ingredient.  I made starters, main courses, lunches, salads, preserves and cakes.

Maybe I’ll even inspire you to grow your own, you don’t need an allotment, you don’t even need much of a garden as they grow well in pots in a sunny spot – maybe next year we’ll all have a few more sunny spots to grow them in!

Recipe 1 is for sweet little Courgette Muffins

Recipe 2 is for a delicious and easy Courgette and Parmesan Tart.

Recipe 3 is for lots of variations on the humble Roasted Courgette.

Recipe 4 scrummy Courgette and Cheese Savoury Muffins

Recipe 5 is a crispy, fresh Courgette Salad; you don’t even need to cook them.

Recipe 6 is hot and tasty Courgette Fritters

Recipe 7 is one to keep for later in the year – Courgette Chutney

Other Courgette Recipes

Courgette and Apple Cake

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