St. Piran’s Day and Pasties

Every year, on 5th March, Cornish men and women across the world celebrate St. Piran’s Day in honour of the patron saint of Cornwall and of tinners (tin miners).  The day is marked by parades, music and dancing and at lunch time thoughts turn to the not-so-humble pasty.

The Cornish people take the pasty very seriously; in fact it recently achieved PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status which means that only pasties made in Cornwall to a traditional recipe can be called “Cornish”.  The Cornish Pasty Association exists to safeguard the heritage of this local delight.  (I nearly wrote delicacy but there is nothing delicate about a pasty.)

Saturday 3rd March saw the World Pasty Championships hosted by The Eden Project.  The two main categories were Traditional Pasties and Open Savoury – within each category entries were welcomed into the professional and amateur sub-categories.

The professional categories were won by the aptly named Graham Cornish although eyebrows were raised by the fact that he represented Ginsters – yes that Ginsters of service station, pre-packaged pasty fame.  We can only assume he used a different recipe!  For more details of the results take a look at the Eden Project Blog.

I would not deign to add my own pasty recipe here – I am not Cornish enough and I like living here too much to want to draw down the wrath of the traditionalists.  However, I am looking for someone to teach me so watch this space…

In the meantime you might want to try this recipe courtesy of The Cornish Pasty Association.

2 thoughts on “St. Piran’s Day and Pasties

  1. Oh dear God, a man from GINSTERS won it? That is a crime against cornish pasties, considering I work for the company that ships out that rubbish excuse for food! Their pasties are NASTY and I think it’s a crying shame! Real “honest” food? I think not! Eurgh. Someone else deserved to win that… Oh well
    Still love your blog, amazing work, really beautifully demonstrated, fantastic pictures and great, funny, in-depth descriptions x

    • Thanks for your lovely comments Xen – I guess you feel strongly about Ginsters! I assume he made a beautiful pasty this time : )

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