St. Patrick’s Day

I wasn’t going to write a post for St. Patrick’s Day:  I have written about Irish food quite a lot recently and don’t want to seem like a one-trick-pony, but I feel compelled to commit pen to paper – or indeed fingers to keyboard.

I spend lots of time reading about food and visiting foody websites and other blogs and have become a little worn down by the idea that adding green food colouring makes a food Irish.  Where did this idea start?  I have seen photos of green mash, green bread and green pastry – MacDonald’s even make a minty green “Shamrock Shake”.  Now I’m not averse to a pretty little cup cake with shamrock icing but you can take a thing too far.

In retaliation I am making Irish Stew for tea.  This is great, tasty, simple food rather than a “theme park Ireland” gimmick and I am going to really enjoy it.

I might have to enjoy it with a Guinness though…

Irish Stew Recipe