A Bit of Kitchen Labour

My youngest daughter, Lyssa Fêe is expecting our first grandchild and we are all incredibly excited and eager to meet her. Lys has just passed her due date and, if memory serves me well, at this stage, every day feels a week long. The bump is weighing heavily, the back aches and the waddle is really something to behold. When all else fails it’s time to draw on some age old advice (also known as old wives tales!):

Exercise is supposed to help so I have been accompanying her on daily walks on the beach – walks which require an uphill stomp back to her house. However, Lyssa has (wisely in my opinion) been studiously ignoring her dad’s suggestion that she gets on a trampoline.

There is another category of advice that should probably never be discussed by your mother and certainly not somewhere as public as a food blog so we’ll draw a discrete veil over that…

There are numerous food based suggestions – cod liver oil is currently being ignored and half a pineapple caused a sore mouth and “epic” heartburn – so goodness knows what would happen if she indulged in the 7 or 8 supposedly needed to have an effect.

Lyssa’s friends are all recommending a hot curry but she has a low tolerance for spicy food and I remain unconvinced that last night’s korma will do anything at all to help! Being my daughter, she has a decidedly sweet tooth so it occurred to me to help her by stealth by adding chilli to my favourite chocolate cookie recipe.

I don’t know if this will help (I’ll let you know) but I suspect it would stand a better chance if I gave Lyssa more cookies and ate less myself! My guess is that the baby will come when she is good and ready, and not a second sooner, but if there is a bit of a wait then a cup of tea and a cookie is as good a way to pass the time as any.

Chilli Chocolate Cookie Recipe



3 thoughts on “A Bit of Kitchen Labour

  1. I’m going with Martin, time for the trampoline. : ) Enjoy the cookies – I look forward to hearing news of the new baby’s arrival very soon.

  2. Lovely post and pic! Ah I remember it well.. both of mine were overdue. Best of luck Lyssa when baby does decide to come along.

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